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Get an Internet connection that’s reliable and gives you all the conveniences of browsing the web from the comfort of your own home. Five Star Satellite is an Internet provider that serves customers across the Reno, NV, area with high speed streaming and productivity. Every modern home should have fast Internet with enough bandwidth to support the needs of your whole family. Your household members should be able to connect to Wi-Fi on their laptops, TV, game console or cell phone without any issues. As your local Internet provider, we’ll ensure that your Viasat Internet is connected properly and that you get the support you need should an issue ever arise.

What’s the Best Internet Service Near Me?

No matter where you’re located, a good Internet provider should be able to connect you with fast, reliable service. We partner up with Viasat Internet because it lets us provide service to even the most rural customers in hard-to-reach areas. We help our customers select a plan that makes the most sense for their lifestyle and charges them less than our competitors would. You’ll have a two-year price lock guarantee and the option to get service without a long-term contract tying you down. With Five Star Satellite, you have an Internet provider who will give you flexible options that’ll meet your satisfaction.

We provide the best Internet service because we offer:


Most towns and cities across the United States have access to Viasat Internet, which means more freedom to browse the web regardless of your location. Whether you live in the city or a rural town, you can get the same conveniences of high-speed satellite Internet. As your trusted Internet provider, you can count on us to bring you reliable service wherever you’re located near the Reno, Fernley or Silver Springs areas. Don’t go without access to your social media accounts, streaming services or Wi-Fi when we’re here to get you connected right away.

Fast Connectivity

Homes and businesses can download files, stream music, teleconference and more with our blazing fast speeds. No more waiting around for pages to load or have glitches interrupt your user experience when we’re available to set you up with a Viasat Internet connection. You can watch movies in HD and listen to high-quality audio with just the click of your mouse or a tap on a screen. Five Star Satellite prides itself in providing stellar service, including fast connectivity, for every one of our customers.

Affordable Plans and Bundles

Our plans are already reasonably priced, but you can keep more of your money by bundling with a voice or DirecTV plan. Because our customers are our top priority, we aim to keep services within your budget. Luckily, as Viasat Internet providers, we’re able to offer a variety of plans to help meet your residential or commercial needs at competitive prices. You may also be interested in our phone and television options, which you can bundle with your internet plan to save that much more every month.

The Comforts of High-Speed Satellite Internet

The Internet is an integral aspect of daily life for individuals and organizations alike, which means it must be reliable and fast. Five Star Satellite is a Viasat Internet provider that offers customers in Reno, NV, the type of high-quality service they deserve. We provide a reliable Internet connection to homes and businesses across the United States, whether you’re located in a rural or urban area. You’ll get to do all the web surfing you want with Wi-Fi to connect to all your other devices. On top of all that, our price-lock guarantee and the option of a no long-term contract, should give you plenty of reasons to join.

These are the comforts that high-speed Internet provides:

Entertainment Streaming Capabilities 

Use your high-speed Internet connection for gaming, listening to music or teleconferencing when you work from home. Satellite Internet gives you reliable connectivity, so you don’t even have to think about if it’s working, it just does! Your household will have the flexibility to do a variety of activities simultaneously, which means everyone can be connected to Wi-Fi at the same time and still have a good user experience. Whether you’re downloading large files, gathering the family for movie night or want to load web pages quickly, Viasat Internet makes it easy to do your favorite activities. Enjoy the entertainment and streaming capabilities of a lightning fast Internet connection.

At Home Browsing and Web Surfing

Internet access is important for any home because of the convenience it provides. Do everything from online banking to checking your email, shopping to social media without your connection lagging behind. Your household members will all be able to surf the web with the same reliability, no matter which device they’re connected to. With a strong wireless connection, at home browsing is easier and more favorable for everyone. When you choose Five Star Satellite as your trusted Internet provider, you’ll have Internet connectivity that loads web pages quickly and will give you a seamless experience with every click you make.

The Fast Speeds Your Business Need

Get the same high speeds for your business, no matter where you’re located in Reno or the surrounding areas like Fallon, Sparks and Dayton, NV. Whether you work at home or in an office, you can get lightning fast Internet that won’t interrupt your business transactions. Keep your operations running smoothly with VoIP and point-of-sale capabilities that are essential to your everyday activities. In addition, you’ll be able to easily transfer files, use cloud storage systems, collaboration tools and more. Avoid downtime and prevent a slow connection from dragging your business down. We’ll provide you with an efficient installation process and be there for any support services you might require in the future.

Five Star Satellite is Your Trusted Internet Provider

Five Star Satellite is your local authorized Viasat Internet provider in the Reno, NV, area. We’re a family owned and operated business that’s here to provide you with quality customer service and a dependable Internet connection. We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied, so we go above and beyond to make sure you’re happy with our products and services. Choose a home or business plan that works with your budget and bundle it with voice or DirecTV to save even more. Speak with our staff to learn about your options and schedule an appointment to have it swiftly installed. You can conveniently manage your account online and get support when you need it. Enjoy the high-speed Internet you want for entertainment streaming, web browsing and working. 

Schedule Your Internet Installation Today

We encourage you to give us a call to learn more about our affordable Internet plans and how you can bundle with our voice and TV services. Five Star Satellite believes Viasat Internet is the future of residential and commercial connectivity in the United States. Get super-fast Internet nearly anywhere in the country and take advantage of the convenience it provides you, your family and customers. Get in contact with your local Internet provider, Five Star Satellite, at 775-338-0281 to schedule an installation. Let us help you get connected today! We’re confident that you’ll be satisfied with the dependable services we offer across the Reno, NV, area.



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