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Choose an internet service provider who lets you reliably and conveniently browse the web at home. Five Star Satellite provides high-speed internet connectivity to homes across the Sparks, NV, area, so they can have the streaming and productivity capabilities they need. Bring the comforts of fast internet to your home and get sufficient bandwidth for your whole family to connect from any device and any room. Your Wi-Fi connection will let you use the internet on your TV, laptops, cell phones, game consoles and more without any issues. We’re your local Viasat internet provider, and we’re ready to get you the internet service you need. 

What Makes Our Internet Service the Best?


We’re able to provide internet services to various towns across Nevada, even in the most remote areas. Five Star Satellite is partnered with Viasat to give you the fastest, most reliable services around. If you live in the Sparks, NV, area, we’re the internet service provider you can count on to stay connected. Our customers can select a plan that best meets their needs while still sticking to their budget. We offer a two-year price lock guarantee, so you can get service without a contract. Speak with us to learn more about the flexible options we provide to locals in Sparks.

 As leading internet service providers, we offer these benefits: 

  • Availability
  • Fast Connectivity
  • Affordable Plans and Bundles


What Do You Get With High-Speed Satellite Internet?


We use the internet for so many aspects of activities, whether it’s for at-home use or for business. It’s important to choose an internet service provider who can give you a fast connection, whether you work from home, are shopping online or doing online banking. At Five Star Satellite, we believe that every customer deserves a fast, reliable internet connection. You’ll find internet service plans for home and business at excellent prices, no matter if you live in a rural or urban part of the U.S. Connect to Wi-Fi from all your devices and do so with a price-lock guarantee with no long-term contracts.

 High-speed internet provides you with these comforts:


  • Entertainment Streaming Capabilities
  • At Home Browsing and Web Surfing
  • The Fast Speeds Your Business Needs


Choose Five Star Satellite for Your Internet Services


As a local authorized Viasat Internet provider, Five Star Satellite provides Sparks, NV, with excellent customer service, installations and ongoing support. We’re a family-owned and operated business that makes your satisfaction our number one priority, and we do so by exceeding your expectations at every turn. There are plans that work for all budgets with voice and DirecTV bundles for business and homes to save. Schedule an appointment today to speak with us about your options and get a quick installation. Manage your account online and receive the support you need, whenever you need it. Stream all your favorite shows, browse the web and work at home with high-speed internet at your fingertips.


Contact Us for Internet Installation Today


Bundle your internet plan with voice or TV services to save more and get the most affordable services in Sparks, NV. Viasat Internet is the future of connectivity for home and business across the United States. Five Star Satellite is your local internet service provider, and we’ll get you the super-fast Wi-Fi you want, no matter what area you live in. Give us a call at 775-338-0281  for installation services.



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